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Pretty flowers outlining the rustic wedding venue Curradine Barns Pretty flowers outlining the rustic wedding venue Curradine Barns

The Courtyard

© Paul Willetts Photography

Picturesque Country Charm

This exquisite rural wedding venue gives you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful countryside on your wedding day, with manicured lawns and pretty gardens, secluded courtyards and spectacular views, which all make this setting truly special.

The Charming Courtyard

There is something rather romantic about a courtyard and, at Curradine Barns, our Courtyard is a truly enchanting space. Located between the barns, it is the social hub of our countryside venue, linking all areas and at the very heart of Curradine.

With doors opening on to the Courtyard from the Bar, the Barley Barn and the Granary Barn, guests will often step outside to enjoy the ambience.

In warmer months, it is here that you might choose to serve welcome drinks and canapés, enjoying your first sip of Champagne as you mingle with your guests as a newly married couple. Surrounded by bay trees and elegant outdoor seating, the Courtyard becomes a delightful extension of the indoor spaces.

Stunning lush green courtyard picture of the happy couple Stunning lush green courtyard picture of the happy couple
© Albert Palmer Photography

Your Evening Celebration

As day turns to evening, the Courtyard reinvents itself. Trees are beautifully lit and this lively space becomes part of your evening entertainment. The Curradine Cantina is located here, serving your chosen menu, from wood-fired pizza to theatrical street fare. Enjoy food and entertainment amidst the twinkling lights and sensational atmosphere of this beautiful rural wedding venue.

A Space for all Seasons

While you might not serve welcome drinks in the Courtyard in cooler months, it can still remain an important part of your wedding day. Guests often enjoy stepping outside, and the secluded nature of the Courtyard protects it from the harshness of the elements. While dining, you will enjoy views over this outdoor area from the Barley Barn and, in the evening, wood-fired pizza from the Cantina tastes fabulous no matter what the weather!

If you’re searching for an rural wedding venue that exudes romance, then look no further. From that first glass of Champagne to your evening party, the Curradine Courtyard will take centre stage on your special day.

Fell in love with it as soon as I walked into the courtyard.