Ideas for getting married at an outside wedding venue

Getting married at an outside wedding venue requires careful planning and consideration. If you’re looking for inspiration for your outdoor wedding, look no further than Curradine Barns for creative ideas, expert advice and an idyllic countryside setting.

Are you sitting comfortably?

It’s important to consider where guests will be seated at your outside wedding ceremony. You could keep it simple and comfortable with wooden chairs and benches for your guests, these could be paired with cushions to add a splash of colour to your ceremony. If your wedding is a floral affair, you could wrap vines and flowers around the chairs to match the floral Garden Gazebo where you will say your vows. Consider hay bales for your seating to evoke the perfect rustic theme, using covers to make them comfortable and to match your wedding colour scheme.

Wrap up warm

In cooler months or summer evenings the temperature can drop so keep your guests warm by providing blankets. With the unpredictable British weather, guests may be unprepared if it turns cold unexpectedly and so having blankets on hand is a great way to keep your guests happy and comfortable.

Don’t worry if you wake up on the day of your wedding and find that the weather is not in your favour as the Curradine Barns team will welcome you into the beautiful Granary Barn where your celebrations can continue as planned.

Keep shaded

Having your special day at an outside wedding venue is a great way to take advantage of the sunny weather, but it is important that your guests have shade available if the weather gets too hot. Wedding parasols are another opportunity to match your colour scheme whether bright or neutral, whilst also providing the perfect protection for your guests. You could also provide colourful sunglasses for your guests to protect their eyes from sun glare, this is also the perfect unique touch for your wedding photos! If it’s going to be really hot, leave sunscreen around the venue in pretty dispensers to keep everyone safe from the rays.

Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated is essential in hot weather for all guests, including the happy couple. Display cold refreshments around the venue, such as bottled water or mocktails that the talented catering team will make especially for your day. Add a rustic element by displaying them in wooden crates, flower boxes, baskets or wheelbarrows.

Light the way

There are many options for outdoor lighting at Curradine Barns. Line the aisle with pretty lanterns, candles or tea lights for a soft, romantic glow for when you make your big entrance. When night falls, lanterns can be hung around the venue to create a warm atmosphere. Fairy lights are wrapped around trees in the Courtyard and can be hung from the wooden beams at your wedding reception to surround your guests with a soft, warm light while they enjoy your special celebration.

Curradine Barns is the perfect outside wedding venue for an intimate and romantic day which can be personalised with your own unique touches. The events team are on hand to create the most magical day for you and your guests, ensuring your day runs smoothly and every detail is perfect, no matter how small.

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